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Another comparison between real and virtual, my standard is still Powerslide Lover, because you can't find something better out there. I heard that the quickest lap on the nords made in a 2015 GT3 it's a 7:25 and my time (7:29) it's almost right in the middle between that and the driver of this video (7:35). I noticed a little issue on the way he took the time (he stopped the clock a little bit too early) but that was a heck of a lap anyway. I driven with green tarmac and 18°C, with standard tires/setup and with no assist as usual. It's really hard try to understand how much the performances compares, because you count the engine performance, the tires grip, the tarmac grip (with the variable of the temperature), the skills of the driver and how much he push the lap. I'm trying to get around that but I'm struggling. With road cars the virtual performances are quite close to the real one, but with more powerful race car is completely different. With the same road condition I can run a Zonda R a full 17 second quicker to the real one, made by a real racing driver, with no real effort. I hope that this video can help the maker of the mod to gather some information from the real one.

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