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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas


Notes from update:


Have a good time of the day, what-ever,


Complete revision/update for only one (for this moment?) SUV from "garage66" after so long time since it was released.

The heavy, precise, beasty sport SUV. And this is one of those cars, where had own real life experience, so can be more sure, how it close. Think, it complete.



New interior sound. Project "migrated" to last recommended version, sounding is improved. 


Complete revision, optimisation of whole model, materials and all what is connected to. Added proper lodb model for perfomance. Some parts or broken objects were replaced. Wheels reworked and resized to looks, as they should. Dashboard and important for immersion was retextured using HQ photos. Interior have more realistic. All skins folders cleaned and some colors of paint are new.


- Tyres update to V10 (2 new different street compounds). Engine power output recalculated 

- Suspension have various changes, like corrected center of gravity, springs moving range and etc. Also in suspension part done re-alingment, using some founded data from service 

- New version of AWD

- Corrected timing for gear-box. Reworked aerodynamics model (were way too much lift) 

- Brakes power increased to be ultimate, as they should for such heavy thing 

- EDL activated in electronics

- In part of physics data files were reviewed, different changes and tweaks in all needed places


Best regards,

A. Showmebest



More about BMW X6M E71 (direct links) (about engine) (specifications)

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