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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas


In last update (27.12.16):

> Full revision and optimization of 3d model/structure and all materials;

Some 3d objects with wrong/ruined surface were replaced by new;

3d model of rims rebuilded completely (new rims blur texture created);

wheels size corrected visually and there as well, physically; 

skins/liverys folders cleaned and optimised with new driver's logic;  few car's paints were corrected;

digital instruments updated version


> Updated sound project with improvements

> V10 Tyres update

> Output power on flywheel corrected with drivetrain loss 

> Added temp's curve for brakes

>changes tweaks: fuel usage; drivetrain (using AWD2)


Few links to read and learn more about AUDI RS4 AVANT:


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