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PORSCHE 944 Turbo S


bhp: 247 bhp

torque: 350 Nm

weight: 1300 kg

topspeed: 260 km/h

acceleration: 4.3s

"Turbocharging is a way of life at Weissach. If a blower can possibly be bolted onto a Porsche engine, it will be---at the earliest opportunity. In the case of the 944, the 1986 model year is your cue to celebrate life on the plus side of the manifold-pressure gauge.


Furthermore, the normally aspirated 944 is about the best sports-car value going. This is more true than ever for 1986, because Porsche has seen fit to give this machine several new suspension components and a new instrument panel (both of which were developed for the Turbo) without raising the price a smidgen. All of which makes one wonder what exactly Porsche has in mind for next year"

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