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Engine type:

Engine location:


0 - 100 kph:

Max speed:

558 bhp

590 Nm



1350 kg

3.9 s

325+ kmh

The car had V10 engine and Clarkson described it as biblical performance, despite him being a Ferrari lover but he thought the styling was so brilliant. It isn't a good car for handling, but he thought it was mind-blowingly good

Porsche Carrera GT (update 14.12.17)

Update 14.12.17 in details:

- New driver's animation. Correct position of driver's hand in shifting

- New improved sound based on V10 project (most of improvements done for interior)

- New quality 3D objects/details for interior (pedals, new dashboard graphics, leather stitching details, speakers and etc). Improved quality of leather texture (all colors and combinations revisited). Digital instruments updated with more correct font

- Tweaked throttle response

- HQ ambient oclusion for exterior body model and some parts of interior

- Skins/paints redone relative new paint surface logic

- Optimised work/redone of colider model

- New lodb 3D model and optimisation of working logic



Update (04.11.2016) in details:

- 1.9 Sound project. Also adaptation from Kunos 918 Spyder ("son" of Carrera GT..). Actually, recommend it to use.. - Interior fit good and match some videos about GT in web, exterior not bad, at least (not so screaming, but whatsever). As well good quality will rise immersion. Tale a look in /sfx/ folder

- 1.9 driver's skin logic. Download 1.9 Porsche driver's suite to make it work properly. All needed info in archive ReadMe.txt (download)

- Car now using Micheling tires model. Visual improvements in interior, some materials changed (leather). Damage for glass.

- New tyres V10. Light tweaks for FFB, brakes. New suspension platform. Alignment and all else values the same relative last version


Update #1 from 1.8 in details


- Whees (rims) rebuilded for start, have fresh blur effect and they resized to fit actual look. Front now is bigger in radius and rear is wider. Replaced brake's rotors and front now bigger, as well. Tasty view..for gorgeous Car

- Porsche badges replaced by more quality textures. Hood, steering wheel crest emblem and which are located on seats

- Plenty of materials, like carbon, leather, glass, crhome, interior metal and other changed to make feel closer to original

- Updated digital instruments with version=2, previews, dashboard camera. 3D flames

- Rear wing animation working properly now in showroom


- At lease, few improvements and volume balance


 - Tyres V10 (only one compound)

- All changes were maded for more road oriented car setup in FFB, drivetrain, engine, throttle (less sensitive). Suspesion feel softer with deeper travel range and other chages there

- Brakes power dicreased and they are still superb..


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