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Porsche 918 Spyder Roadster (Weissach Package)


Notes from last (19.02.17) update:

Mostly, this update is dedicated to returning of roadster version (with weissach package).

 With few visual improvements, all versions were updated with physic. Goal was - to migrate more data from Kunos 918 to this replication, but to keep some differences/originality...


Now what it is about: 

- All complicated electronics systems from licensed 918. You can also select driving modes by Ctrl+2. 

- Aerodynamic data from Kunos 918, but main difference- is how working rear wing. In Kunos version, rear wing up at 5 km/h and hold position with downforce all the time. In this replication it "floating" depending from speed and affect downforce/drag with this. Downforce mount was quetly equal in both versions.

- Suspension. Equal basic geometry. Another alignment with not much difference. As well, as configuration for springs and dampers.


For sure, car's feeling changed and in good way. Steer ratio it this version is - 15.5 comparing to 11.5 in Kunos, which mean that steering reaction like in "sport-hybrid" mode, not like in "hot-lap" and not so agressive. It is street configuration. Mine sessions with AI in all range of 918s, LaFerraris and some other cars in grid for fun, show, that perfomance is improved. It is very nice and the same, as Kunos one. At some tracks, in this replica AI even little, but faster from point of qualify results.

IN-GAME INTERIOR, EXTERIOR AND ACTION SHOTS (All shot directly from game with photo-mode in replays)

There is the light somewhere in the dark. Hidden energy

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