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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas


From update (26.08.17):

- Added S1 (without perfomance tweaks) with new wheels/rims

- HQ ambient oclusion* for exterior body model and some other parts

- Colors/paints redone less or more relative new paint surface logic. New "madcats" livery.

- Optimised lodb 3d model and logic of it's working

- Optimised work/redone of colider model


Update notes (28.03.17)

As well not planned update (mean, not from schedule). But glad, that it happens. The reason was in one good finding - new hot hatch suspension platform. So, after some weekend "garage" work and monday tests, it's done and we get something more better. Think, this platfrom with all those maded tweaks represent Megane RS275 way better! Feeling from Car more detailed, little stronger, grip in turns feels more precise. Solid, firm hot hatch!

As well did perfomance test on street tyres, which are recommended (also in this version added semislicks compound). Both version quetly close in comparing of best lap times, so there different not huge, but in the end, think everyone from you will be little faster with new version! Let me know, about your impressions and may be even some results. Any video will be wonderful to watch! Hope, you will enjoy any kind of driving/practice at virtual roads.


- Tyres updated to V10

- New way of previews


Info, links about Renault Megane R.S.275 Trophy-R: review

Trophy-R takes on Albert Park (Youtube)

2015 Megane RS Trophy (275hp) - 0-220 km/h acceleration (60 fps) (Youtube)

Tips from Renault Sport experts (Youtube french)

Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R Nürburgring Record 7'54"36 / FULL LAP (Youtube)

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