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Few links to read and learn more about 930 model

Porsche 930 (911 Turbo) review and drive(video)


Notes from last update (11.03.2017)



- Full revision, optimisation of whole model, all materials, textures and all what is connected to

- some parts were replaced. Wheels reworked and resized to looks, as they should

- dashboard was retextured a little and added lighting layer; corrected lighting

 - all paints were revisioned, mostly chaged, folders cleaned and structured.

- original 930 Turbo body-kit is back

- created lodb for perfomance



- Project "migrated" to last version (complete support of 1.12) and sounding is improved. 



- tyres updated to V10. Default compound is street vintage 90s.

 - engine power output recalculated with drivetrain loss about 11%

- regulators for steering assist, brake power for pit-stop menu

- pro

- FFB tweaks with basic steering asist

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