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Ferrari Enzo Visual Upgrade 160218

Few links to read and learn more about Ferrari Enzo


Visual upgrade and revision 16.02.2018 in details:

- HQ ambient oclusion for exterior body model and some parts. Few changes in materials

- Skins/paints redone relative new paint surface logic

- Optimised work/redone of colider model

- New lodb 3D model and optimisation of working logic


Update 1.8 in details


- Fully reworked wheels.  Sized to 20' at front 21' at rear - fit pretty good. Inner part of rims is black to get best look. Blur-rims texture repainted.

- Brake rotors and calipers placed closer to rims

- Improved quality/changed textures of plenty materials, like leather, carbon, plastic, chrome and etc. Some parts were recolored.

- Digital instruments re-worked


- Default is the same. Second you can try and use, if like ..(adaptation from FXX-K).


- Power output recalculated with little loss from powertrain

- Rear wing goes down after 220 km/h completely. Rised highest possible speed.

- Tyres V10

- Suspension. Changed center of gravity (in compared to 488 GTB and FXX-K). New aligment for front wheels (TOE~0-0.01) and bit more camber. Some careful changes in dampers work.

- Also changes were for brakes, FFB, drivetrain, ai
 (specifications) (road test) (road test)

One video from Ferrari Enzo in ACTION - Ride Powerslides


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