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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas


Notes from update 05.05.17 (last from 22.02.17)

One word is coming more often than others, while driving this Car - it's "Ulti-mate"!

Light weigth, this power with twin-turbochargers, hypercar trofeo tyres, this sound...all together is "ultimate" mixture. 



- full revision, optimisation of whole model, all materials, textures and all what is connected to

- wheels reworked and resized to looks, as they should

- 3d flames

 - all paints were revisioned, folders cleaned and structured

- HQ ambient oclusion for car's paint and rims surface

- optimized lodb for perfomance

- fixed, reworked colider model

- all cameras fixed/tweaked



- Project "migrated" to last version (complete support) and sounding is improved. 



- tyres updated to V10. Default compound now is "Hypercar Trofeo"

 - engine power output recalculated with drivetrain loss

- FFB tweaks. Force tune

- new things to tweak in pit-stop

- brakes power now is "ultimate". Glowing added

- tweaks around drivetrain; electronics and etc.


Links to read and learn more about Gumpert Apollo review

Top-gear power laps - Gumpert-Apollo-Sport Nurburgring-Lap-Record

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