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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas


Update (09.06.17) contain:

- Some fixes/tweaks relative showed issues in loading logs

- Engine output power recalculated with drivetrain loss (basic near 12% loss in torque)

- Tyres V10

- optimised/improved lodb model logic

- optimised work/redone of colider model

- basically, all colors/paints redone less or more relative new paint surface logic

- HQ ambient oclusion for exterior body model (Give deeper shadows for various details, some changes in reflections and possibility to do different level of matte or gloss.

 To notice it, take a look at model's curves and how car is looking overall. It's next visual level and now with the same exterior quality, as Kunos cars. Some details can looks even better for specific reasons.)



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