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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas

What in update from 11.12.16:

Be patience, default tires compound now "Hypercar road" (semislicks) instead of "TopGear record", which are actually working close to slicks. So, we should have more time for adapt to this Power again...(engine torque as well was tweaked with 9% drivetrain loss, but Car still more remind a rocket, than "road legal" machine). 

Well, "Beast" itself..


> Improvements for 3D model  to make it beautiful again (all materials revision); Skins/liverys folders cleaned and optimised; new driver's logic;  increased size of brakes rotors/calipers; some other tweaks and optimisations; 3d flames

> V10 Tyres

> Sound project updated

> Power output recalculated with drivetrain loss; Minor tweaks for electronics, drivetrain; new lines in in setup to control brake's bias and power in pit-stop; something was tweaked else


Info, links about RUF CTR3 Clubsport: - RUF CTR3 Club sport - The fastest Porsche around with a road licence - final test last laps gameplay

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