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Ford GTX1 2005

As part of Ford's initiatives to promote its vehicles to SEMA members in the aftermarket, Ford supports a selection of project vehicles to be built every year for the SEMA Show, and the Ford GTX1 was one of them.
After the last Ford GT was released, a convertible version called the GTX1 popped up at the SEMA show. While Ford never put it into production, Genadi Design Group took orders and modified a handful of Ford GTs to be convertibles with some slight powertrain modifications.

The builder chosen for the project is Mark Gerisch of Genaddi Design Group (, an experienced designer and metal shaper that has a history of cutting the roofs off expensive and exotic cars. Using the 1966 Sebring-winning Ford GTX1 roadster as his inspiration, Kip Ewing, a Ford Special Vehicle Team engineering supervisor, sketched a convertible version of the Ford GT, which he named - quite appropriately - the Ford GTX1.



Weight: 1560 kg (43% front)

Engine: V8 (5.4L); 550 Bhp; 678 Nm at 4500 RPM; RPM Red line start at 6500 with limiter at 7000

Speed: 330 + Km/H max; 3.6 sec to go from 0 to 100 km/h

Gearbox: 6-speed manual

Steering: 2.7 turns lock to lock; max steering ratio 17.1 (16.1 in game)

Aero: CD 0.67; 40 kg front downforce and -2 kg rear lift



Few links/facts to read and learn about FORD GTX1 2005


Only one founded available video from TopGear (LQ)

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