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PORSCHE 991.2 GT3 Touring Package

991 mk2 GT3 19.03.18 update


Changes overall:
- Brakes visual glowing correction (almost gone from rear and just a little bit at front). Brakes distribution move just at 1% at front. Feels better, may be almost perfect brakes. You can always regulate it in "pit-stop" menu
- Removed "Sport Design Package Front Spoiler". This part was available in mine Porsche's configurator page, but really now know, that this option not officially available for this model. In the end - it looks more clear
- Grills color tweaking (black)


for S1 configuration:
- Redone all "stripes" liverys with corrections for size and place of side decals. Only to make them more realistic and good
- Headlight surrounding in black
- Black carbon shifter
- Seats with houndstooth material


19.03.18 Updated with S1 configuration:

- Black carbon seats
- All metal parts of interior surrounding is black
- Windows decor surrounding in matte black and black exhaust's metal
- Porsche logo in black color
- Headlamps washers in paint color

- Additional (requested) liverys



Well what do we have?
One step closer to perfection, the finest GT3 yet, the makeover of the generation one, the new '17 model year of the GT3 991. 
The 991 gen one was by far and away the most successful GT3 to date and we were overwhelmed by the success - it boosted the religion to another level. (Andreas Preuninger)


Andreas Preuninger about 991.2 GT3 full interview for PistonHeads




Weight: 1413 kg (Touring Package) 40/60

Engine: based on racing RSR 4.0L N/A engine with 460Nm torque at 6000 RPM and 500Bhp at 8250 RPM (9000 RPM limiter/red-line). It's more effective, than one in 991.1 GT3 RS, for example. Claimed at factory, as best for this moment.

Max speed: 320 km/h

Gearbox: 6-speed manual

Steering: ratio from 15:1 to 12:1 (constant 13.8 in AC)

Aerodynamics: CdA=0.67; 110 pounds (50kg) of downforce at top speed



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