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Car providing wonderful steering feelings. From light/comfort in low speeds and light corners to solid feedback after you start to push gas pedal and in fast, deep turns.

Depending from speed in turn's enter and exit points it can oversteer or understeer. If all going right, it is mostly will have tendency to slight oversteer or to have a nice grip. As well, to take rear end into good slide, without loss of control - is not hard task and bring lot of fun, when you wanna it. For sure, 4WD helps a lot.

First gears a very fast and short, especially between 1,2 and 3 ..after 4th give a good RPM rance to shot it out.

It wish to be our best and favourite road legal Lamborghini model in Corsa. There no doubts about how good designed exterior and interior. Last is one of most beautiful from modern range. Not so spaceship like and as well futuristic.

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