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In the latest James Bond movie, one of the eternal starlets of the silver screen, Monica Belluci, makes an all-too-brief appearance. Even though her character’s short narrative is overshadowed by the death of her husband, and her own imminent assassination, Ms Belluci is the very essence of sultry, classic beauty, a wonderful anachronism in the gritty modern world of the Daniel Craig’s era. And so when I first encountered the Maserati Ghibli S, underground in a dimly lit parking lot, I couldn’t help but think of the Italian actress. The Ghibli is striking in the metal. Its flowing lines barely make an allowance for four doors, evoking a more athletic shape reminiscent of the sports cars in Maserati’s past and present line up. The looks, the heady exhaust note, the promise of new generation twin turbo V6 engine all made me a bit weak at the knees, but had the Italian marque done enough to make this a practical, usable, sedan? We took the car to a deserted, twisty road to find out, and the result is our latest video.

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