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Best view in full size. Motto and drivers statement see below Mercedes Benz 300SL Flügeltüren-Coupé, Gullwing Coupé, 1955, Pilot: Daniel Müller, Team: S.H.R.T. Swiss Historic Racing Team Hillclimb: Langwies - Arosa 02. September 2012 Motor: 2'998ccm, 215PS Tyres: 225/50VR16 street legal Gearbox / differential: 4-speed / 1:3.89 Motto: "Also elderly Ladies can go very fast...!" [remember: Mercedes is a spanish female name] Drivers statement: "I agree, it's truly one of the most amazing car designs ever made. But then from a race drivers point of view there is another aspect far more impressive: Her sheer capacity to go fast is enoumous! A weight distribution of 50:50 [front:rear] allows a perfect vertical axes rotation center. And therewith she turns extremely quick from one direction to the other... Have you ever read about this aspect...? Me neither! And then remember: it's technique from the early fifties... It took me not just only a moment to drive her fast, ...why? Because her rear axle construction [well known as widdow maker] and her recirculating ball steering [unprecise as hell], both taking all your attention and are a big challenge." In rain Sir Stirling Moss stated: "This is by far the most demanding car I have ever driven...!" "But when you finally get her to doing what you want her to do and where you want her to go, I promise, you exit the car with the biggest smile on your face. I had the luck to drive her at it's edge for more than two decades and I haven't found anything nearly as demanding and satisfying as her, thanks to Ing. Uhlenhaut, thanks to Mercedes...! She's the favourite lady !" Thanks for watching the Video and for reading my note Daniel Müller, Switzerland Get in contact with me under for: - better car control with your own oldtimer, more safety and way more fun - all at the same time! Get your personal driving dynamics training. Location by appointment. - wining your oldtimers class either by driving on your own or me driving it for you!

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