Few facts/sides from history of me/AD.net and AC.

Personal opinion, ideas, thoughts relative to last anounce of 17 June'16.

There can be some"emotional" thoughts and ideas and they were not planned in this note, but such needs this fable have. Firstly .. xx ......

..Simply congratulations!

Chapter I

Honestly, feel, like I'm with Our/Your support, all has been Done around, all real passion putted together There - Make This Possible. Clearly strong point of this "story".

To much self-confidently?...

let's be more gentle for this actual situation relative to Porsche's replicas developing and formal license (sound like fake or joke..m?), as final result.

Visible, often forgoten remarks of invisible "universe" power, which is first of all Men's creative forces sources:

___Already more, than 2 years from first lesson lea