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Few facts/sides from history of me/ and AC.

Personal opinion, ideas, thoughts relative to last anounce of 17 June'16.

There can be some"emotional" thoughts and ideas and they were not planned in this note, but such needs this fable have. Firstly .. xx ......

..Simply congratulations!

Chapter I

Honestly, feel, like I'm with Our/Your support, all has been Done around, all real passion putted together There - Make This Possible. Clearly strong point of this "story".

To much self-confidently?...

let's be more gentle for this actual situation relative to Porsche's replicas developing and formal license (sound like fake or joke..m?), as final result.

Visible, often forgoten remarks of invisible "universe" power, which is first of all Men's creative forces sources:

___Already more, than 2 years from first lesson learned: "How to make Your own Car for AC or Car of Your Dream, you wish to drive in more close time, than a half of this year".

_____Was not easy to find and connect passionate, enought mature (in mind) Persons; Persons, who feel Car by his "5 point" exactly; Persons, who can't without searching about new limits between fears, highest speed (in corner or it's highway) and safety; Persons, who can be as well trustworthy and gentle - one of hardest moments from all; And Persons feels like part of me or where shared passion the same to mine.

Another way - is wrong way for me.

I'm Thanksful, what and how - ever.

Almost all main projects got enought support to be released

___Thousands views at Youtube with passionate and not only videos from different persons, channels about and dedicated to 911(930,993,997,996,991,991.2 gen), 981 (Cayman, Boxster) and few other Porsche's replicas in Assetto Corsa till now developing by AD.NET;

____So much non-sleep hot nights spended with desire of any new modern or not 911 model to be driven and released for our kind of privtate "Club". Only "God" Watching and Know where is the truth exactly

Chapter II

Can't say, that this moment was waited and expected, for sure. Feeling was not wrong and pause what taken right.

KUNOS team do not will release all range of modern models produced for road and track-days, so i'm as well going to set goal to complete the "mission", which was from early start.. Secret of-cource

Few fast thoughts relative to those news:

1. Again congrats those, who have passion about Porsche from start of times and history and all else. Just be cause it's can't be not good in any way.

2. Racing GT3 and Le-mans bolides at nice and really high level - some guys much time request to make them and it was just matter of some patience - soon, yees?

3. How interesting will be to make comparing (not as a challenge) in details between upcoming driving "Cats" and our models, which already in Corsa virtual garage. Nobody knows answer exactly for question - is it so always mean, that official final replication is better at overall feeling?

4. What is "hot" looking like for waiting and interesting to explore:

- 4 Wheel Steering simulation

- AWD simulation for such models, like 991 Turbo S

- Tires for road models (991 and 981 type) and racing slicks compounds - hope for something new, like simulation of actual Michelin's "wear"

- Sound. For 911 Turbo/Carrera/GT3 and 981 engines. Hard to say, how it will be impressive, immerssive. Better, sure, that we used for those models now - and this is already cool enought.

..This is far not from all details, which also equally or less important, but what was quickly overwatched in mind and like "big high light spots".

Lot of models in "Modern Line", especially and from "Garage66" patiencly waiting something good. Also always there is place for unknown surprises and unexpected results of future exploring.

Chapter III

In upcoming future time period, gathering all best we have now with all best from what we will get, learn, explore, what we can after this and wish to?

More precise replication for cool driving sessions on fantasy or real regular open roards and famous racing sport-tracks. Deeper immerssion, more exciting details to make you sometimes to think about "parking" at some beautiful place, take few minutes just to review what kind of Car you seat in, take few shots may be, take a breath and continue driving, like you forget and believe or something make you feeling it, like not Virtual experience, but Really-Wonder-Fully.

Thanks Porsche's (Racing) team, KUNOS "Cats" and 505 Studio.

Like kind of magic , like Kid, first time playing seriosly. It's was not a game, but a Life and a part of real world. Was never doubts about.

Let's try,

See You, Alexander S.

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