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Original full story post with interesting quotes from history of Corsa development and some views in near future of the game

What are plans post launch. Will we see lots of small updates or a big leap down the line? We don't really talk about that. Being a small company gives you an advantage: you can have very short deadlines, so we don't need to think too much in the future.

I think based on our history of the way we support the product on PC, players can expect to see the product proceeding with updates, and not just with DLC and more content – the game will get more polished, more features and so on. We're still developing on the PC so all those things will come to the console. They'll lag a bit behind the PC but our objective is to keep it as parallel as possible. At the moment we have no plans to stop the PC development, the console will just be a natural result of that.

Tell us about the sort of detail that goes into recreating every new car. For new cars we usually get the original CAD files of the car from the manufacturer. For older cars it becomes trickier because sometimes they don't even have blueprints anymore, so you need to work with pictures. We have a huge request form full of data that we request from the manufacturers that we sign licences with. Of course the amount of data we actually recieve varies a lot.

The big advantage is being here [at a race track]. Let's say for example a car doesn't have all the numbers we want and that car shows up here, we just come down. It happens. That's the advantage of being here.

One example is the Pagani Huarya. That car has a very, very clever system where it's got four small wings in the front and on the back of the car that move, so as you're driving the car these wings are moving. When we got the original data from Pagani we started to work on the car and we were like, 'This car isn't braking, it's not cornering correctly, there's something about this car we're not convinced about.' So we went back to Pagani and said, 'Look, there's something missing here.' They said it was the wings and if we wanted to go to that level, they'd give us to give you the algorithms to see how the wings are work. Then we finally got it, like, 'Now we see how these things are work'.

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