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Known from changelog of new version:

- New reflection rendering system - HDR now matches real life photographic references - Improved AI ability to stick to the intended racing line - Improved AI braking code (able to understand and use locked inside tyre for FWD) - Vastly improved multiplayer antilag/antiwarp system - Fixed missing ksBrakeDisc script in all the remaining cars. - Tweaked wet volume for reverb on high distance - Tweaked dynamics for Audi R8 Plus interior sound - New Bmw M3 e30 DTM and Group A exterior sounds - New font rendering system for dashboards - Fixed fadeout timing for gravel particles - Improved digital instruments of all cars - Fixed some bugged special events - Tweaked most of the special events to be compatible with tyre model 5/6 - FXAA is now using Kunos' own shader - Fixed blurred rim/tyres on car with animated suspensions on farther Lods - ksEditor: added node grid - Introduced [DRS_ZONES] IGNORE_ZONES in drs.ini to allow road cars to ignore DRS zones (ie. McLaren P1) - Fixed exaggerate motion blur for some camera modes - Added serial opponent selection on Options->General: if flagged then opponents skin is not randomly chosen, but alphabetically - Fixed unrealistic qualify times when session is skipped - Fixed LaFerrari rear wheels - Fixed Huracan GT3 model to update it from the pre-season version - GT3 and GT2 cars tyre heating improvements - Ferrari 312T Tyre v6 - Audi R8 Plus front torque vectoring and central differential improvements. - Headlights revised on all cars - Added missing dashboard lighting to cars where present - Fixed various LOD issues on a large number of cars - Car shader overhaul - Skins fixes and updates on various cars - Added templates for DP3 cars and Audi R8 Plus - Optimization across the entire car range (should help with large fields) - Digital instrument updates - Fixed collision boxes on various cars

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