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​Chris Harris has been wondering about the Aston Martin GT12 and the Porsche 991 GT3 RS recently. The prices of these special, track-oriented editions have crept up so much that they rival that of an actual supercar. The McLaren 650 S, in fact. So how do they compare?

Chris chose Llandow Circuit for the track test due to its technicality: deep braking zones, sharp corners, and multiple acceleration points. It's the perfect place for the track-engineered three to do battle. But as much as we love seeing them thrashing on a racetrack, realistically, most people who buy these cars use them for the road.

Some people believe that when you buy an expensive supercar, the ride needs to be stiff because that means superior suspension and handling. Chris Harris calls that "absolute poppycock." A true supercar, in his opinion, can balance comfort and performance.

In this glorious 25-minute video, see which of the three comes out on top.

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