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Time to update our 997 GT2RS. And what are fresh now in it:

- digital led "up-shift" signal, when RPM value closed to "red-zone" (the same for S1)

- front suspension geometry changed. Now it is MacPherson type, as should be on GT2RS

- rebuilded aero for more real feel of dangerous "spin-out" in turns and slowing after very highs speed

- FFB changed and now it is give more than ever smooth feel of steering wheel + new suspension (feels great, even on tracks, like Trento-bondone)

- 2 new liverys (street-sport from real-car Painter, Zoran Carevic)

New Perfomance Setup - S1! (maded from TECHART prototype - 900 Nm torque power now under bonnet):

- FFB little stronger, than on Basic version

- suspension stiffness increased for perfomance

- RPM Red Zone now at 7200

- what we need else, there??

Assetto corsa showroom 997 GT2RS

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