Some of this tracks will be glad to see in Assetto Corsa, specially Italian roads. In this case can say, that im like more open roads for driving in corsa and each new track are good news for me. But, really, only such of them have quallity. I will gift all cars made by me for two tracks, like california in pCARS in quality, like SPA by KUNOS. Maybe, but this chance not big, im create it by myself, for driving on cars from my virtual "park'. Enjoy "garage" and welcome!

10. Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan

What’s more dangerous than driving through mountain passes? Driving through Taliban territory of course! Combining this with hairpin turns and unthinkable falls, only the bold and brave would dare venture here.


9. Halsema Highway, Philippines

The highest altitude highway in the Philippines, and over 150km in length, this is not a highway to be scoffed at. With a lack of decent maintenance, and an incredibly slippery surface when the rain season comes around, it’s full of hazards at every turn. It may look pretty, but don’t be deceived.