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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas


Since I’m located in other country (have reasons to think it can be quite long) and mine working PC with all tools and hardware (especially) not near/with me, it’s impossible to provide some work, updates and to make new cars for new releases as well.


It's not such positive movement for me personally (almost like to sell my child. lol) and even a bit sad after 8 years (many of you knows), but I’m decided to make a try of complete transfer/selling site, domain and business.


Site builded at Wix platform, which for now provide professional and highly various tools to work with site, content, contacts and much more things.

There we go:​​


  • Complete Site's transfer to new owner(s). Only needed any account.

  • Top ranked site with all-time positive growing trend in searching platforms for keywords like ”Assetto Corsa mods”, “Assetto Corsa cars” and etc (sometimes site shown in top for photos or for info for some specific car’s models or for some sim-racing news)

  • 5000+ (about 11k was a record) month’s visitors (~85% unique). Minimum 100+ visitors for a day. With business activity this will grow instantly

  • 11000+ registered contacts

  • Access to all last available archives with presented cars/mods

  • Premium Wix account with domain already paid until 2024. Additional business options (Wix Ascend) paid until autumn of 2023. In future you can simply add your billing info and to update status of all services

  • Wix provides phone application (to control site’s visitors, contacts, membership or for communications, chat, direct e-mailing, for example)

  • Instagram account (not sure, discussing)

  • Will provide all info relative traffic via Google analytics



Asking price: $1500-2000 (or equal in cryptocurrency)


*Any constructive discussions/offers are welcome.
Contact for any questions relative site/business and near that.



Alexander Showmebest:

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