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Assetto Corsa mods. HQ sport-cars replicas

Part of History and FAQ

There were quite lot of different situations and converstation from very beginning where peoples asked before or after purchase the very similiar questions. In result - there some basic and more important information, as anwers. Hope, this will more or less good and full answer on your question.

Here it is:

- Where did you learn to make mods for AC?
Firstly and in start there were few good teachers. One or two of them relative work with 3d models. Mostly others - is about physics. Even it was a little experience with learns by personal conversation with Aris (physics developer in Kunos). Another pretty good master (IMO) in physics and from other point "teacher" - Aphidgod. To learn and re-create spirit and look of each model using very various FAQs and information. From official to very small topics at forums and etc. Sound - there already was some experience, so basic things were not new for me and else is practice, practice, practice. For sure, important thing - to know what is quality about and to have intents about some high standarts.

Work is mostly about 3 main parts in car: physics, sound, model.
When we have all resources and sure, that we ready, than project is planning and starting.

For now, it take near 2 weeks (first 997 Porsche project in autumn of 2015 was about 3-4 month).
One week or little less (for now it's more time be cause of Custom Shader Patch extensions and last improvements for AC engine) to completely adopt and to prepare 3D model in high quality.
It's mean not only to trying fit Kunos standarts in overall look. It's including full revision for material's structure, logic of objects, improved or created optimised textures and etc. Cars going with 2 nice (lods), which is enough for good PC perfomance in most cases.
Main goal relative model - trying to provide mostly enjoyable/realistic or let's say aesthetic look and feelings, while using exterior cameras, cockpit driving view and in showrooms.
Next week about working with sound and physics. So, physics - was one is most important detail about mods from very start. Most of Porsches, presented there were produced before official Kunos DLC packs and they based on originally developed physics (of-course, with using some parts from new and older code - be cause it is simply logically and reasonably)

Data is from various resources:
- Owners from community (for now, owners of 930 Turbo, 944 Turbo S, 991, 997, Ferrari F430, AUDI, Mercedes, Renault, BMW)
- From car's owner's forums - very useful one
- Technical brochures; All kind of car's specifications;
- All kind of available reviews around web. Text, photos and videos. Driver's impressions, feelings and etc.
- Lot of guys enjoying track-days on different cars. This information can be very helpful, too.
- Some little kind of magic. It's mean - ability to understand more or less clearly/completely the Spirit of Machine. (What this car is about? For what reasons car built and for what kind of driving? What is final result and so on...)

Very often some very specific data is not available and we use very similar or similar parts from Kunos cars as base (like suspension geometry). All this is with smart way of choice.
What is most important - final result and final feelings from car. Let's say once again - it's about Spirit.

Models from different resources. if it is possible to get it free - we will get it, if not - buying at different resources.

All cars have identical structure and logic, as KUNOS to have full connection with AC. So, there should be no any doubts. You can watch at site - there a lot of actual shots from game-play, exactly. And lot of interior shots. One of goals there - to make mostly natural and detailed interiors to feel deeply experience. Not all cars with absolutely the same quality. For sure, they are all nicely done, but some of them are really high quality.


With best,
Alexander S.

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